Enjoy a Taste of Europe at Bikeeny Caffe

It’s not the same old drip coffee and bland muffins at Bikeeny Caffe. This coffee lounge and breakfast shop gets their name from a flaky European pastry, and the bikeenies are hard to pass up with their fruit or nut filling and buttery dough. Take a four or six pack to go, or end your breakfast of a sandwich or smoothie with one for a sweet treat. Bikeeny Caffe also has a handful of lunch sandwiches on the menu, and you can panini press any one of them if you crave something hot and crispy. 

On days where there is no time to sit, even for a quick meal, don’t forget Bikeeny Café for outstanding coffee, frozen drinks, and lattes. They have plenty of handcrafted flavors (try the play on the coconut candy bar Mounds of Joy), as well as fruit-flavored, house made lemonade and other warm-weather drinks. Bikeeny Caffe is also an unexpected spot for catering, and does coffee boxes, sandwich platters, and fresh salads that will make you the hero of the next office lunch meeting. 

Find Bikeeny Caffe in the row of little shops on Summer Street in Malden, across from Pearl Street Station.