Barre & Soul: Barre, Cardio and Yoga Classes

If you're growing tired of hitting the gym or the running path, Barre & Soul promises a departure from your typical fitness routine. The studio keeps exercise upbeat and fun with ever-changing routines, most of them rooted in cardio or barre fitness.

The signature Barre & Soul Method class blends a few different types of fitness modalities, including ballet, Pilates, yoga, interval cardio, and even meditation. The combination culminates in a sweat session that uses small-but-powerful movements to create change in the body without placing a great strain on joints. In addition to the barre classes, Barre & Soul also offers other sessions like the Cardio Flash, a HITT dance class, and fast-flowing Vinyasa yoga. Choose your session, sign up online, and show up ready to sweat at Barre & Soul in Melrose.

Public Domain/Pixabay/AndiP