Unplug and Recenter at Naked Feet Yoga

It's nearly impossible to unplug in today's world. The instructors at Naked Feet Yoga know that better than anyone. That's why they work together to create a space where they can facilitate true relaxation and stress relief for students—and for themselves. Naked Feet Yoga serves as a haven where the stresses of the outside world aren't welcome. That's why you're invited to power down (or at least silence) your cell phone when you step inside.

Don't worry if you're a little rusty or you've never tried yoga before at all. Many of Naked Feet's classes cater to newbies, like the all-levels class. Held several times each week, this class welcomes people of all ability levels to come and enjoy a mix of fast-flowing Vinyasa yoga and restorative poses with a focus on proper breath and alignment. Slow things down at restorative yoga, designed to help you unwind (not work up a sweat), or challenge your muscles at an intermediate Vinyasa class.

Public Domain/Pixabay/AndiP