Barre and Soul: Where Micromovements Reshape Muscles

Perhaps you've never heard the term "micromovements" before, but it's at the core of everything that happens at Barre and Soul. Micromovements are exactly what they sound like: small, concentrated moves that rearrange your body only by about an inch. If you've spent years in the gym, this might not sound like an effective way to lose weight or tone up, but the way it's done at Barre and Soul could change your mind.

Its ballet-inspired classes bring together different lineups of micromovements that are repeated until a muscle group is exhausting using a pulsing motion. So while it may not look like you're doing hard work, the muscle fibers you're enlisting as you move would beg to differ. By zoning in on small bundles of muscle fibers, you can actually reshape your body and make it stronger every time you take a barre class. Come to the highly rated Barre and Soul in Melrose to experience change firsthand.