If You’re a Fan of the Tongue-in-Cheek, You’ll Love the Museum of Bad Art

Art lovers may tell you there's no such thing as "bad art." They're wrong. The founders of the Museum of Bad Art, which started out in the basement of a Boston home in 1993, had a special eye for masterpieces that ranged from the slightly odd to the downright unpleasant. Apparently, they weren't the only ones who enjoyed this particular genre of art. Now 25 years later, the Museum of Bad Art lives in a permanent space in Somerville.

Its collection encompasses a mix of doomed works by bonafide artists, many of whom went on to find success, as well as appalling creations by novices who never should've picked up a pencil. They're categorized into groups like "Blue People" and "Poor Traits." Explore the offbeat exhibits to see tongue-in-cheek masterpieces like In the Cat's Mouth, a crude portrait of a feline chowing down on his owner, and aptly named Dog, which depicts a dog — sort of. It's more like a dog-Abominable Snowman hybrid.

Public Domain/Pixabay/Evondue