Warm Up With Steaming Soup at The Bangkok Thai and Pho

The newest addition to Melrose’s restaurant offerings is The Bangkok Thai and Pho. Located just across the street from the Wyoming Hill train station, this restaurant’s storefront used to be a modest Chinese takeout joint, but if you’ve passed by recently you know that it’s been wholly remodeled to create an updated and welcoming atmosphere for commuters seeking carry-out as well as for folks who want to dine in.

The dining room is quite small—just a handful of tables across from the pickup counter—but it’s appealing enough for a casual date or quick lunch with colleagues. The menu, which features a blend of Thai and Vietnamese specialties, offers a nice change of pace from ordinary fast-casual fare. Yelp reviewers particularly recommend the graprao chicken, vermicelli noodles with shrimp, and (of course) the spicy basil pad Thai. Don’t miss the Thai ice tea or boba drinks!