Grab Takeout at Asia Gourmet, Located Right Next to the Oak Grove T Station

If you commute into the city via the Oak Grove T station, you've probably noticed Asia Gourmet. It's a small Chinese eatery that sits just beyond the doors of the train station. Don't be fooled by the small square footage, though; it's a top choice for many commuters, thanks in part to the convenience and in part to the quality of its cuisine.

Grab one of the small tables at Asia Gourmet or pick up some food to go and experience the fresh and hot fare for yourself. The broad menu contains a wide array of Chinese and Asian fusion dishes, from Kung Pao spicy chicken to spicy salted calamari. Fried rice and noodles are also on the menu, as well as classic appetizers such as egg rolls and crab rangoons. Asia Gourmet even offers a unique selection of all-day breakfast dishes, including Indian pancakes with curry dipping sauce and fried dough bites.