Try Paddleboard Yoga at Borealis Community Yoga

Borealis Community Yoga has an unbeatable introductory special, and once you get hooked on their yoga and special events, you’ll be a yogi for life. Enjoy 30 days of unlimited yoga for $39, and then, if you choose to purchase an unlimited monthly membership, get an additional $39 off your first month.

Borealis Community Yoga offers a wide array of classes, including prenatal yoga and yoga for kids. In addition to their full schedule of classes, Borealis Community Yoga also hosts a number of fun events to keep members engaged and excited about the practice. Get outside and try yoga in the park at the Mystic Valley Parkway, or yoga on stand-up paddleboards on Mystic Lake. Some events are free, and a great way to get friends and family interested in yoga.

Public Domain/Pixabay/Anja828