Joy Healthy Life: Yoga, Boot Camp and More

You probably wouldn't guess from the name alone that Joy Healthy Life began with a boot camp, but that's exactly how it happened. Joy Fay launched Melrose Boot Camp at a local park, inviting members of the community to seize control of their health in a fun fitness environment. Joy found almost immediate success, and so she decided to expand the business. She added Joy Yoga in 2014, a permanent studio where people could come to practice and unwind.

Today, Joy Healthy Life offers boot camp, yoga, workshops and special events, and programming designed specifically for kids. If you're trying to bust through a fitness plateau, come to a four-week boot camp series. The instructor will use a mix of strength-training and cardio to create real change in your body. Meanwhile, at Vinyasa flow classes, students sweat through a fast-paced yoga flow that includes opportunities to go beyond their comfort zone with back bends and arm balances. Keep an eye out for special events—like Kitty Yoga!