Experience Indian and Pakistani Cuisines at Zam Zam

Zam Zam is an authentic Indian and Pakistani Halal restaurant located on Riverside Avenue in Medford. Open all week, it’s an excellent option for people looking for a casual yet uniquely flavorful meal.

If you are at all familiar with the quintessential dishes of these cuisines, you’ll be happy to see many of your favorites on the menu at Zam Zam. There are a variety of different rotis and naans, as well as aloo paratha, which is a tandoori-baked, whole wheat bread layered with potatoes and spices. If you’re entirely new to Indian or Pakistani food, start your meal off with vegetable or chicken samosas, which are fried pockets filled with potatoes, peas, and a wonderful blend of spices. Rice, vegetable, seafood, and meat dishes are all plentiful here, and served in generous portions, meaning you’ll walk away feeling satisfied. Finish your meal with a cup of mango lassi — you’ll be glad you did!